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Original call letters WCMB
Original frequency 960 kHz
First broadcast February 19, 1948
Original studio location 322 Market St., Lemoyne (2nd floor of the Lemoyne Theater building)*
Original transmitter location 360 Poplar Church Rd., Wormleysburg*
Original owner Rossmoyne Corp. (Edgar K. Smith, Edgar Shepard)
Present call letters WTKT (since 2001)
Present frequency 1460 kHz (coincided with WHP AM's move to 580 kHz in 1951)
Present studio location 600 Corporate Circle, Harrisburg
Present transmitter location 650 "A" St., Summerdale
Present owner Clear Channel
Present format Sports
Previous formats Pop, Top 40, Country, Oldies, Talk
Previous owners Hudson Broadcasting (McKenna), Gemini (Danzis and Hillard), Dame Media
Past air personalities Red McCarthy, Bob Janus, Pete Wambach, Mac McCauley, Ronnie G. Shaffer, Bob Alexander, Bob Foor, Paul Baker (among many others)

* Building is still standing

Harrisburg's newest station on the air in 1948 (Contributed by Jack Danner)

WCMB 960 station guide - PDF file (Contributed by Dick Kerlin)

Central Pennsylvania talent search (somewhere between 1948 and 1951 - station archives)

Red McCarthy - WCMB air personality (Unknown date - Portzline collection)

Johnny Murphy - WCMB air personality (Unknown date - Contributed by RJ Harris) - Notice the chimes between the microphone and Murphy's hand (most likely used during station ID's or time announcements, similar to the three-note chimes used by NBC), also notice that the same audio console is shown in the WCMB 960 station guide

WCMB: Lemoyne or Harrisburg? Request to the FCC to change the city of license - PDF file (Portzline collection)

Recent photos of WCMB's original studio location at 322 Market St., Lemoyne (2005 - Portzline collection)

Picture collection of 360 Poplar Church Road, Wormleysburg - Studios in the mid-80's, tower demolition in 2001 (Portzline collection)

1948 employer statement with names of Rossmoyne Corp. partners, incorporated January 24, 1947  (Portzline collection)

Sample WCMB reception report (QSL card) from the 1970's  (Portzline collection)

Ed K. Smith page


TechnoZone (for the technically curious)

Exhibits from the 1947 construction permit application for 940 khz - PDF file (Portzline collection)

Exhibits from the 1947 construction permit application for 960 khz - PDF file (Portzline collection)

1947-1948 construction expenses - Invoices for the original tower, transmitter, studio equipment, and land - PDF file (Portzline collection)

Exhibits from the 1949 construction permit application for 1460 khz - PDF file (Portzline collection)

1978 license renewal application - PDF file (Portzline collection)

Pictures of the newly built WTKT transmitter site in Summerdale (2004 - Portzline and others)


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